Athlete Resume / Proposal

Resumes / proposals are usually 3-4 pages (typical for a new/starting point resume/proposal).

Its $85 per page.

– What That Consists of –

1.) COVER: 1-3 photos of you with Your name.

2.) PAGE 1: This is where we would put:
• your social media links and followers
• Any shows or events you have you’ll be attending.
• Your info
– email
– number
– website (if you have one)
– any sponsors that you already have, their logo would go on the bottom.

3.) PAGE 2: This page would be
• what you expect from the sponsor & what they can expect from you
// we can even do a detailed package type deal if you’re interested and I could go over that with you \\
– social media links again
– more pictures

4.) BACK – Normally 1 picture of you with
– the same name title as on the cover
– phone number, email, and social media tags



For your shows One page with
– photos
– contact info
– pricing
– details about your show/what you offer/ size of area you need
– if the venue needs insurance or if you already have your own policy
– how long your show typically lasts
– I would do a *No money back if canceled evening before/day of show (or whatever you prefer)
– existing sponsors at the bottom or somewhere on the flyer

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