What Changed My Life

EVERYONE has been asking me and messaging me about what I’ve been eating or not eating since I started this new adventure in my life so I thought I would put it all here so I’m not constantly copying and pasting over and over haha!

Veggies – Beans – Fruits – 2 Daily Vitamins – 1-2 B12 Vitamins
Meat – Alcohol – Dairy – Processed Sugar – Smoking

What I have found that I LOVED the most has been
– Using HUMMUS with and or on everything. It’s super easy and taste really good and can be used for a lot of things
SPINACH WRAPS because they are so easy to just pull out of the fridge and throw anything in it you want and eat. I’m VERY use to eating quick and getting back to work. I usually just spread hummus in the middle, put any kind of veggies (peppers, tomatoes, onions, avocado, and usually crush up some tortilla chips and put on there as well) I want on top of that and usually top it with

GREAT websites for recipes!
Forks Over knives
Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give A Fuck

PREP PREP PREP though because since you’re eating healthier that means you’re eating more fresh foods which does require prepping no matter what you do you. NOT EVERYTHING IN LIFE will be handed to you on platter…this diet requires dedication, sacrifice, and patience….AND IT WILL test all 3 of those things!

– NO MORE Anxiety. I had HORRIBLE anxiety the was taking over my life, wasn’t sleeping, I was actually terrified to go to bed. Sometimes I couldn’t even leave my house or even drive. SO BELIEVE ME when I say I have ZERO% anxiety anymore making ALL of this diet worth it even if I wasn’t losing weight.

I am also 100% off my anxiety meds & I am also off of my Prilosec (severe heart burn meds)

– I’m not only NOT afraid to go to sleep I sleep A LOT better and deeper and wake up feeling rested and energized (haven’t had this in YEARS)

– My thoughts are so much clearer and I’m more prone to working more and being more active and productive.

I really hope this works for some other people because it’s been amazing for me and I’m only a  little over a month in it!

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